It’s that time again – start booking your Holiday events with Admiral Catering at your location or in the Private Dining Room at Amico Nave.

The Banquet Room at Amico Nave holds up to 40 guests and is perfect for any event from appetizer buffets and cocktail hours to upscale coursed dinners. The full bar, extended wine list, and new menu items will WOW your guests and ensure you come out on top this Holiday Season!


Admiral Catering is the answer to your Holiday events, from drop-offs to full-service dining! Whether you’re hosting an intimate family get-together or a grand holiday party, Admiral Catering will take the stress out of this season by fitting your style and budget with their customized menus and professional staff!

Being a repeat customer of ours, we wanted to make sure your preferred event date for this Holiday Season was on the books for 2016! Please call or email me with any event details you have!